Well, on the other hand it was certainly interesting

I finally went to see what all the hate was directed to and honestly Im on the fence in agreement. while yes the exhibit had nothing to correlate with the text and the movie on the surface, below that they had something to do with each other. The exhinbit showed somethng really amazing and interesting. Aside from being ridiculouly crowded, which was kinda ironic for an exhibit that shows the solutions for overcrowding, so the whole time i was internally laughing at all that, but the exhibit itself showed many interesting and out of the box ways to properly use all available space within a location for living. They also had a little boat for your bike in Lagos that let you ride your bike on water and i was just taken back by that, like how cool would that be? another thing was the natural energy that would be produced by converting power plants to wind turbine power.

now to the part where it relates to the book and movie. well in both sources, the main setting is a dystopian, post apocalyptic future, which is quite the opposite of the exhibit, one that shows proper techniques to prevent these realities from coming to fruition, which is really a progressive movement using the messed up vision of Philip K Dick to help out humanity and the planet by making everything green and pretty. now how the film portrayed our bleak and desolate existence was rather grim and depressing, but looking at this exhibit was refreshing, seeing the strives that a select few are taking to ensure that we all dont die bunched up together in small apartments or from a flood caused by the deterioration of the ozone layer that would ultimately melt the polar ice caps, i think that’s great. so yeah in my opinion the exhibit had a lot to do with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Blade Runner, since its showing us how to not end up like that, living under a cloud of smog and pollution wouldn’t be my idea of fun, despite how cool it looks in a science fiction film or novel.

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