Sooo things happened…

i know its late, but here goes nothing

Soo Connie, yeah… a lot happens with her. her mental state is deteriorating, or so its seems by everyone around her, but is it rally? in her head she sees everything differently, she sees Claud in another body (piercy 179) and her daughter in Dawn. All she sees is her past, in the present, and tries to make a sense of it all in her head. which is confusing to say the least, but i think that was Piercy’s intention, and its working.
Another thing that resonated with me was that her character, has three characters, Consuela, Connie, and Conchita, all reflections of different version of herself that may or may not exist. All of which could stem from her losing Angelina, and her way of coping with that loss. However what resonates with me is that these three personas could be related to alternate timeline, maybe im thinking to hard into the whole time travel thing, but bear with me. this reminds me of a movie; Mr. Nobody, a story about the last mortal living in a future full of immortals. in it Nobody goes through three different versions of his past and future, seeing where his choices in life could or could have taken him. an interesting movie yes, but heres the similarities, could connies different personas be reflective of this concept, that because shes been now subjected to some kind of time altering power, tat she is building herself to face certain versions of her future? maybe im diving to hard into this, maybe im not, but its just speculation up to this point.
However, it would make sense somewhat, for she had a messed up childhood, with the whole sex thing, so maybe she tried to create personas that were tougher than her, (typical schizophrenia) that would put that past her and move on, and we see this in Conchita, the tougher of the three. she would be more suitable to live the rest of her days as a toughened individual. but hey thats just my theory on this whole messed up world that Connies living.
cant wait to hear what all your takes are on the situation.

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