BLADE RUNNER!!! Better than the first time I saw it.

Everything makes sense now! Why was Harrison Ford such a badass? It was because Phil Dicks Deckard was a badass. And because this movie was so great was because the book was great. granted the movie took a lot of liberties by taking out a whole bunch of stuff from the book, which were all pivotal aspects that made the book amazing, however this movie was made to both appeal to a 80s audience, as well as the fans, so of course theyre gonna make liberties to get out all the complexities of the book such as; the undertones of slavery, freedom, self awareness, loneliness, religious confusion, self actualization, realization of a bigger picture, humanity, and a whole bunch of other stuff that you can fill in for me, instead they made a movie designed to make money by generic movie goers, as well as give the book as well as its fan a proper adaptation of Dicks vision.

So they kinda changed up my man J.R. Isisdore, which was meh, and probably unneccesary but it was the 80s, anyway i digress, they made him into J.F. Sebastian, a genetic designer, in order to make him essential to the plot of this movie, they remade him and instead of being the chickenhead i know and love whos soul crushing loneliness defines him as a character, and whos connection with Mercer, tells us a story of a lost and damaged soul, we got a guy who makes friends with “toys” hes made as his hobby, who are in reality midgets dressed up in a bear and drummer boy costumes that were meant to either get a cheap laugh from the audience or to really emulate how much of a socially awkward and scared human he must really be. Either way, it was a weird direction that they went with that one, but it makes sense to the plot of this movie. that being the replicants want to find answers as to why they exist and do so by seeking out their creators, one of them being J.F. (this is why they kept the second most important character from the novel, to have an overly dramatic scene between creator and created, but in actuallity know that the real J.R. could never in a million years be confronted by an agressive Roy Batty, thats just food for thought), which also gives the Androids purpose and motivation for being on earth in the first place, as opposed to them leaving in search for a better life and freedom from the abusive nature of their previous arrangements off world. The movie just really gave me an enhance visual for the book, its like when you see who the announcer on the radio is, you now hav a face to mach the voice, and thats kinda fun when you get right down to it. It was really fun when I get to see Deckard as an emotianol person, or the world he lives in, and how he functions. Now would that have all been better if they put the whole book in the movie? Fuck yeah, but they didnt and thats sad, i would have loved to see how they implemented Mercerism into all that, how they would have blended a cyber punk world with a false religion, that would have been great. But what we ogt was just as good and impressive, the ending too was a nod to what the androids wanted to leave, and escape from, a horrible past full of destruction, things that no one will remember, for just like tears in the rain, no one would ever know it happened.


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    • omg yeah, i kinda thought that, cause hes trying to be like foreboding and mystical at the same time, when he was portrayed as the cool sort of sidekick in the movie, and i guess they put him in that as Fords guide, just as mercer kinda guided deckard at the end.

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