Soooooo i was right 🙂 about the whole connie building herself different futures, and to be honest i was taken back, cause i thought i was going to far into a “multiverse theory” but yeah, Piercy does that and its awesome. when she meets Parra (pierc, 199), a version of herself where she seemingly made better life choices and became the woman she told her mother she would become, shows up, further helping my point that this could be true, but then theres the whole being drugged aspect of it, giving it an element of dilusion, I.E. it might not be happening and she could be making the whole thing up. but i dont believe that at all, mainly cause i Really like Connie and i want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she has been exposed to time travel, she can see alternate versions of herself, and shes not crazy. yeah i could nit pick this but why, im here for the story. to go back to the multiverse thing though, heres were it gets tricky. Bee states that they have to fight to exist and thats why they came to connie (Piercy, 190), yet at the same time its “eluded” to the reader that this may all be a delusion. and none of these people might even exist. and then before Luciente says to her “were struggling to exist”, which would illicit that theyre existence in the future is in jeopardy. but why reach out to connie? what does she have to do with it all? heres where i think the theory comes into play, (maybe im wrong but w/e) because Connie is obviously some sort of conduit connecting two different timelines together, and based on the readings of her personas, people that share striking resemblance to other people, and all the craziness in general, its not that hard to get behind the idea that Connie is a catalyst for the future, like how the future would be shaped. She doesnt appear to be playing a huge role, i know, but thats the thing, you dont have to play a huge role to have some effect on the future. as of yet weve seen her been hospitalized, drugged, on the run and survived, all the means of preparation or revolution for something in my eyes that she will be faced with at some point in time, that will have outstanding repercussions on the future, thats my thoughts on that.

One more thing, about being a connection between two futures, it would seem that she can “jump” through them through her dreams, pretty standard time travel MO. it futher implies that this future might be real, but it keeps you second guessing yourself the whole time. I dont know about you, but im gettign more and more into this book.

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