Why are future people dumb?

sooo, lets see, in a book this good the plot will naturally thicken, but this book is like the opposite of a certain Stephan King inspired movie (its thinner if you dont know what im talking about) cause this plot just got super fat, and a whole bunch of awesome business is going down. so the main who needs no introduction because we all know exactly who he is, but just cause i like you guys well call him Ricardo. So Ricardo started on his journey of self realization, a journey that he went on with my second favorite character Phil Resch who is for a lack of a better word kind of a dick, but hes cool. But I;m getting ahead of myself here, lets start at the beginning. Ricardo, being a bounty hunter, was hot on the trail of his next target Polokov, and then he killed him, then he went on to his next target Luba Luft, and then he killed her, but only after being subjected to what was the coolest plot twist ever, and not some Shamalan thing either. Ricardo was taken to the lions dens basically and was arrested and brought into the custody of an android run police precinct, chock full of danger and Ricardos eminent demise. after a brief heart to heart with his next target Inspector Garland, Ricardo began asking himself self imposed questions, like what am i doing with my life, or who am I, what purpose am i fulfiing by killing these androids, and in my honest opinion hes kinda right, because if someone or in this case something, can bring benefit to society, mind you a crumbling deteriorating society, then who is he to be killing them. for example, and this is pretty basic for all of us, but Luba Luft, she was an opera singer, whos voice was a beautiful as morning sky in April, yet met her untimely demise in an elevator with no real justification. The only reason to kill her was that she was an android, an abdroid that supplied sweet music and culture to a place that was lacking it. In my opinion and in Ricardos, she was a gift to the world, that was made by man. which begs the question, why does the human race in this perticular scenario not live up to its full potential by allowing the androids to help them out, if not on the collonies then on earth, maybe they can use them to combat the dust or contain the radiation and nulify the effects, i mean they created humanlike androids that deceive the human eye and mind, they expertly replicated animals, yet they cant figure a way to save the earth or at least a portion of it in oder to preserve where humanity grew? that just seems kinda strange to me, but whatever, i didnt write this Dick did.

Okay and then some other stuff happened with Phil. during that heart to heart with Garland, Ricardo pondered to himself am I an android, since he couldnt tell the difference or was unsure of himself when he was in there custody, but it turned out that that was just a thought implant by Garland to mess with him and ultimately turn against Phil, which never happened, and even Phil went through this dilema as well and i liked it better when he went through this crisis, i feel like hes a relatable character, because hes a cold blooded killer of androids, but has a soft and kinda conflicted personality when it came to whether or not he was an andorid,and he has a pet squirell, and thats adorable.

But yeah thats my point about all this, i really believe that in a world where science and technology reign supreme, those who utilize to the extreme are kinda stupid by not applying that knowledge to more pressing matters. and that fact that it shouldnt be up to the humans to execute the androids if they just want a normal life. it all falls back on the issues that were facing today with immigration and the drug crisis. if people want to live here and are gonna be productive members of this society just let them. and if people want to use a plant for recreational use let them, instead use all the tax payer money and go after the guys that are selling hard stuff to little kids but maybe i took this a little too out there.

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