On a different note…

This has nothing to do with Woman on the Edge of Time, but it is related to another “text” we explored in class.

I did a portrait illustration of a familiar character in a familiar scene, although with some “additions” that weren’t in the original work to give the piece some extra depth.

Check it out here. Feedback/discussion appreciated 🙂

Sooo things happened…

i know its late, but here goes nothing

Soo Connie, yeah… a lot happens with her. her mental state is deteriorating, or so its seems by everyone around her, but is it rally? in her head she sees everything differently, she sees Claud in another body (piercy 179) and her daughter in Dawn. All she sees is her past, in the present, and tries to make a sense of it all in her head. which is confusing to say the least, but i think that was Piercy’s intention, and its working.
Another thing that resonated with me was that her character, has three characters, Consuela, Connie, and Conchita, all reflections of different version of herself that may or may not exist. All of which could stem from her losing Angelina, and her way of coping with that loss. However what resonates with me is that these three personas could be related to alternate timeline, maybe im thinking to hard into the whole time travel thing, but bear with me. this reminds me of a movie; Mr. Nobody, a story about the last mortal living in a future full of immortals. in it Nobody goes through three different versions of his past and future, seeing where his choices in life could or could have taken him. an interesting movie yes, but heres the similarities, could connies different personas be reflective of this concept, that because shes been now subjected to some kind of time altering power, tat she is building herself to face certain versions of her future? maybe im diving to hard into this, maybe im not, but its just speculation up to this point.
However, it would make sense somewhat, for she had a messed up childhood, with the whole sex thing, so maybe she tried to create personas that were tougher than her, (typical schizophrenia) that would put that past her and move on, and we see this in Conchita, the tougher of the three. she would be more suitable to live the rest of her days as a toughened individual. but hey thats just my theory on this whole messed up world that Connies living.
cant wait to hear what all your takes are on the situation.


This book is ehhhhh to me . After trying my hardest to really get into it , I couldnt really find my self caring anout it . I don’t know what it is but the book jus manages to suck me in and get me engaged and interested then it starts to really drag and talk about other things that are just so boring or unimportant. The time travel thing is annoying too because it confused me. For chapter 5, which is a bit shorter then every other chapter , it’s jus basically about how cats can talk and Connie talks to one of them. Then she meets Bee who reminds her of Claud who was her lover who died. Then it talks about her Daughter  and the feelings with Luciente ended and she just ends up back to herself crying.

The next chapter we see a bit more of the ward. A new one. The drugs they were giving Connie just made her feel more useless and tired. We see more of an understanding of her and Claud and how he died after jail. Whenever she is drugged she goes into the future and sees Luciente (which is annoying). She sees Bee and it reminds her of Claud again but this time she meets Innocente. The kid goes into the woods and tries to live on its own . Pretty interesting because that’s something she hasn’t really seen. Its pretty insane to let a kid out all alone like that and Connie feels the same. We then see how the kids have not one but 3 mothers and Connie starts talking all crazy about how she feels like 3 people sometimes. Those drugs must be great! She feels like each person have a different task in life whoch is pretty cool and weird. Then out of no where she gets disconnected with the future and ends up all dillusional.

Jackrabbit, what a name. Anyways, Now Luciente takes her back to his time. She feels better now though because she feels like she’s more known now and she’s being taught more of the civilization. As the chapter goes on (which was pretty eh), we start to see that Connie notices a girl that reminds her of her own seed. Angelina. She gets all sad because she hasn’t seen her daughter in so long since she was taken from her. She starts feeling as if the Luciente bond is beginning to get more distant and she just wants the girl to live in that world. She wants that because she thinks it is perfect for her. I dont know it jus all seems so weird because I feel like in her head she’s just drawing out ejat she always wanted to happen in her life .

Fast forward more towards the ending chapter, we see how Connie finds out about a new doctor who observed them. She is being moved with other people. Dolly finally left Geraldo and is with a. new man who takes care of her daughter Nita. After she was told that she’ll get visited by her on the weekend, Connie finds out Luciente is about to have a gathering or a party of some sort. We learn how the community is forming together. Later on Connie ends up having sex with Bee. Haha , I knew this was coming . She kept on thinking he was Claud. Its like in the cartoons when you’re hungry and you see someone but you invision them as steak or something. She then lets us know how freedom is the best thing like okay , dirty. Finally, she ends up back at the asylum as usually and Dolly never showed up.

The book is good dont get me wrong. It definately something I’ve never read before like seriously. It really drags you into the book and makes see yourself there. It has a good effect on your imagination. Its fun, it just need



Vintage NYC

I don’t know where to start but okay, I’m not going to sit here and type a whole summary for each chapter we had to read but I did read them all. After reading the first chapter, “Im scared. He punched me in the belly, hard.” Mira, is there blood in my panties?” You can tell right away that there’s going to be a bunch of spanish words through out and hispanic references. I’m not going to lie, I went on google for a spanish dictionary because yeah I’m hispanic myself but I suck at speaking it or understanding it.  I like how it takes place in New York city though and for someone who has parents who are very old school and told me a bunch of stories from the 70’s, all of it is true. There was a bunch of prostitution, drugs and the whole culture was just different. As for the the story, I thought it was interesting right away, with a graphic beginning with Dolly coming in Connie’s home all bloodied up. The fact that her pimp Geraldo really wants to kill the baby is pretty crazy. She already has kids with the guy. Geraldo seems like a real jerk too. He even tells her ” Woman, so many men been into you, it could have a whole subway car of daddies.” Thats harsh. Seems like the first part of the chapter focused more on Dolly then Connie and the ending shifted towards Connie and her going into a mental asylum.

It’s kind of true on what Chris said about the first couple chapters. I don’t know what it is about them but, It just took me a while to read them. It’s like it goes through one ear and out the other. I had to keep reading it over to really understand what was going on. Who know’s, maybe it’s a personal problem or maybe it’s the spanish words? I don’t know but nonetheless, it gets more interesting as the story goes on. Kind of like what Jonathon said, Connie talks about the subway’s and the stops like Essex St/Delancy street and the work she does for a CUNY school really make me feel like I’m there. I go to essex street all the time when I head to school and I go to a CUNY (of course we all know that). As for the dream that she has when she meets Luciente is really weird because it confused me. I had to keep reading it to understand it was a dream because she talks about meeting him on the streets. Then we find out about the whole child abuse thing and how her daughter Angelina was taken from her. She’s all messed up.

The last two chapters were really interesting because we finally get some science fiction involved! Connie is really drugged up and every time she seems to be alone, she ends up meeting with Luciente. He takes her to his own world. Its really interesting how different this world is. He tells Connie “We live among our family”, and later on Luciente is asked if he has children and he mentions how he has two and he is a kid binder meaning he is the mother to everyone’s kid. It’s really weird and different. Then Connie just ends up waking up still miserable and all alone. In the 4th chapter, its a bit more clear and Connie talks about how the hospital actually has men in her part. She was moved to the ward G2. Plus, Connie finds it wonderful how she was moved down because she feels like she’s closer to finding a way out.

It’s a very interesting novel to say the least. I’ve spent a lot of time within my spring break to read this book and it’s not too bad. You really need to dig deep in it and try not to think of it as homework and you will enjoy it. If you have the mentality that you’e only reading it because you have too, then you probably won’t enjoy it. I try to get into the book and really highlight key moments. Hopefully, the rest is more interesting and exciting.


The Other New York


So despite the small time frame, i managed to go to the MoMA today. It was an interesting exhibit, one that definitely makes you think about where we’re going as a species. The overcrowding of the larger cities is a growing problem. The exhibit showed some ideas that are already in effect and are being worked towards to fix these problems particularly with architecture.

Immediately my thoughts went to DADoRS/BladeRunner, particularly the movie, as the crowded scenes when Deckard is in the street show exactly how it could be with the overcrowding. Some of the ideas for shops in Lagos were very similar to what we saw in the movie.

There was one interesting picture from The New CIty Reader section called the Island of Resources that showed a hive like structure that would go underground/water. I could imagine the rooms from The Machine Stops being built in a place like that.The idea of the structure is very similar to Vashti’s room. If anyone still hasn’t gone yet, make sure to grab a copy of The New City Reader off the stack that is under one of the television displays. It has a game inside that you can play. Its pretty twisted, yet it really makes you look at what could possibly happen.



Overall, the idea of these massive housing changes seem to be the future. The building that Isidore lives in could easily be a remnant of one of the ideas shown at the exhibit. Of course, after World War Terminus. Most of the ideas were very reminiscent of Blade Runner, although much cleaner. While i know the ideas being shown here are based on real world applications and problems, i wonder if some of the creators of these plans were inspired by some science fiction they have read or watched.

I chose the title of The Other New York for this post as this part of the exhibit hits us at home. I was pretty shocked at some of the statistics that were shown. The numbers really help to show you how large the gap is between the different economic classes. This large difference in the classes is like the rich and the workers in Metropolis.

Statistics NYC

Statistics NYC

I know some may not be able to get there, but here’s a video of one of the area’s that i took quickly to show some of the exhibit: