This book is ehhhhh to me . After trying my hardest to really get into it , I couldnt really find my self caring anout it . I don’t know what it is but the book jus manages to suck me in and get me engaged and interested then it starts to really drag and talk about other things that are just so boring or unimportant. The time travel thing is annoying too because it confused me. For chapter 5, which is a bit shorter then every other chapter , it’s jus basically about how cats can talk and Connie talks to one of them. Then she meets Bee who reminds her of Claud who was her lover who died. Then it talks about her Daughter  and the feelings with Luciente ended and she just ends up back to herself crying.

The next chapter we see a bit more of the ward. A new one. The drugs they were giving Connie just made her feel more useless and tired. We see more of an understanding of her and Claud and how he died after jail. Whenever she is drugged she goes into the future and sees Luciente (which is annoying). She sees Bee and it reminds her of Claud again but this time she meets Innocente. The kid goes into the woods and tries to live on its own . Pretty interesting because that’s something she hasn’t really seen. Its pretty insane to let a kid out all alone like that and Connie feels the same. We then see how the kids have not one but 3 mothers and Connie starts talking all crazy about how she feels like 3 people sometimes. Those drugs must be great! She feels like each person have a different task in life whoch is pretty cool and weird. Then out of no where she gets disconnected with the future and ends up all dillusional.

Jackrabbit, what a name. Anyways, Now Luciente takes her back to his time. She feels better now though because she feels like she’s more known now and she’s being taught more of the civilization. As the chapter goes on (which was pretty eh), we start to see that Connie notices a girl that reminds her of her own seed. Angelina. She gets all sad because she hasn’t seen her daughter in so long since she was taken from her. She starts feeling as if the Luciente bond is beginning to get more distant and she just wants the girl to live in that world. She wants that because she thinks it is perfect for her. I dont know it jus all seems so weird because I feel like in her head she’s just drawing out ejat she always wanted to happen in her life .

Fast forward more towards the ending chapter, we see how Connie finds out about a new doctor who observed them. She is being moved with other people. Dolly finally left Geraldo and is with a. new man who takes care of her daughter Nita. After she was told that she’ll get visited by her on the weekend, Connie finds out Luciente is about to have a gathering or a party of some sort. We learn how the community is forming together. Later on Connie ends up having sex with Bee. Haha , I knew this was coming . She kept on thinking he was Claud. Its like in the cartoons when you’re hungry and you see someone but you invision them as steak or something. She then lets us know how freedom is the best thing like okay , dirty. Finally, she ends up back at the asylum as usually and Dolly never showed up.

The book is good dont get me wrong. It definately something I’ve never read before like seriously. It really drags you into the book and makes see yourself there. It has a good effect on your imagination. Its fun, it just need



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