Sucker Punched on the edge of time

Reading through this book so far I have come to realize that this story kind of reminds me of the movie Sucker Punch. A woman sent the mental ward and is going to another time, or as in the movie another dimension. If you have seen the movie you will know what I mean by this, if not then….go watch it. Connie has been through a tough life and hardened by her experiences, yet you can see the cracks in her character. Her “time traveling” seems to me to be a part of her mind’s need for some type of hope. A hope to escape the life she is actually living and to “time travel” to another time where she can forget about her problems but give her an eager hope to continue living. Or maybe she is actually time traveling and shes not crazy at all. Who knows, we’ll see. Hmm, now I’m starting to think about authenticity like the last novel we read. An authenticity of what’s real.

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