Reminders: Reflections Due Yesterday

Hi everyone:

I hope you had good weekends!
Just a friendly reminder that, as we discussed in class, your midsemester reflections were due to me, via email, by last night (Sun 11/1). You can see more details at the bottom of Mariah’s class notes. Please send these to me ASAP.

In our conferences last week, some people expressed a desire to still do the #whyiwrite extra credit blog. If you still would like to do that, you can do so (for extra credit) anytime before class on Tuesday (11/3).
Finally, please remember to bring all of your materials (3 books, articles, notes) to class this week, for in-class project work.
See you tomorrow!

Why I Write

Why do I write? There are many reasons. First I write to express myself. Secondly, I write to put myself in impossible situations (situations that I would want to be in but can’t). I simply write for therapeutic purposes. I never realized how much relief I could get from picking up a pen and writing down every little thing that came to mind. To see it on paper is mind blowing, opening my eyes to my thoughts right in front of me. I write for numerous purposes that cannot be questioned because everyone had their reasons behind what they do.

I write to exercise my mind. I write to never forget my obstacles and my aspirations, goals, and dreams. I write questions that are left unanswered. I write to keep the existence of my true calling. I write because it is the next best thing to talking. I write as though I’m actively talking to someone.

Now I write because it’s feels like a responsibility that must be done in the educational system. But now, I’ll go back to writing for me, not because someone told me to. I’ll write because there’s more meaning and fulfilment in writing for myself. All the papers I kept of my writing from 6th grade and so on, all have meaning so there’s no reason to stop but to continue on as my writing grows. Writing never stays the same and I know there’s a distinct difference of writing from when I was 11 years old compared to now. I stopped writing for myself a long time ago but I definitely think it’s time to pick it back up. With writing anything is possible.

#Whyiwrite – My Passion

Coming from a very large family consisting of five brothers and two sisters did not give me much room for individual space. School was where I was able to amuse myself and express my individuality without my siblings being around. As I think back, I remember the ladybird books. They were the books that were used in my primary school. They consisted of about 36 English language books with whole words that we were taught to recognize on sight. The books were about two children called Peter and Jane and had a lot of pictures to go along with the words. The concept was that the majority of the language that we use in our everyday lives is based upon a few key words. By repeating these words over and over again, I was able to build my vocabulary.


As a child, I would write lots of stories, but today, I still like to write and find ways to help others is the best way I can. That includes writing professional documents that represent my ability comprehensive information. Below is an example a document that I prepared which reflects my passion for writing:

Download (PDF, 424KB)


Why I write..

Well I could state the obvious here and say I write because I’m told to, because I need to in order to pass my classes and show comprehension. I could also say I write as means of communication, I write in emails and text messages all day long. Really though I write as a form of expression, a form of release. Every form of writing we do is an expression, of a thought, a feeling or an idea.

I have always loved writing, as a kid I would collect dozens of notebooks and pads to scribble in or to write stories. I liked free writing because it was just that, free, nobody could tell me where it needed to be and I loved it. When I was 7 I had my Haiku about snow published in a book. As a teenager I started expressing myself more through poetry and have been ever since. I don’t write often but when I do its significant and relevant to that timeframe in my life.

There has never been a point in my life I remember disliking writing, i’ve always been the kid who excelled in english class and who’s writing skills were praised. Now though i’m writing to expand my skills, my knowledge and my potential to be hired which is why this major is so rewarding to me.

I guess the point is I write because it is apart of me, it’s who I am.

Below i’d like to share a recent poem I wrote for my daughter Ava when she graduated kindergarten this past June.

Download (DOCX, 85KB)