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My project is about online personal branding. The purpose of my project is to show how people brand themselves online by expressing their interest, beliefs, ethos, values, talents and skills, and how social media plays a significant role in how our peers and employers perceive us. I am interested in this project because an online identity is a growing trend and is very important in today’s society.

This project will teach me how to use social media platforms to create a digital footprint and analyze how I can build my reputation by contributing to online communities. This project will address the following questions:

  • what do you want to be known for?
  • what differentiates you from everyone else?
  • where are your passion areas?
  • who are you at your core?
  • what makes you unique?
  • what do you do everyday that is true to you?
  • what content do you want to share?
  • how do you want to be perceived?
  • what is your authentic brand?
  • how can you best enhance social relationships?

This project will also act as a quick reference guide to personal branding. With the growing job market, it is important to create contacts that will provide options for establishing networks and embrace social media. I will examine blogging, social streaming, video channels, and websites as mediums for networking and reputation building.

I will discuss the following steps to building a personal brand and the tools to engage on social media and develop an authentic voice:

  • identifying personal passions
    • likes, dislikes, unique creativity and personal style, natural talents and gifts
  • Developing a core message
    • mission statement
    • own unique view
  • Choosing web mediums
    • domain name
    • content management
    • creating a theme
  • Blogging and starting a website
    • embedding videos, presentations, and images
  • Actively participating in the following communities:
    • Twitter
    • facebook
    • linkedIn
    • youtube
    • google+
  • Using Social Media Dashboard

I will discuss some of the following advantages that can result from having a personal brand:

  • Increased recognition
  • opportunities
  • partnerships

Producing New and Digital Media: Your Guide to Savvy Use of the Web, Cohen and Kenny

3 thoughts on “Online Personal Branding – Digital Footprints

  1. Thanks for this post Pamela. I like that you’re interested in the notion of online personal branding, but I’m wondering how this moves beyond a traditional research project (finding sources about how to brand yourself online well, and then presenting that for your readers) and also beyond a summary of the chapter (7) we just read in the Cohen & Kenny. It is hard for me to see, since you only cited that one source, which is something we have already read together as a text, how this goes further and extends that work.

    Also, while you provide a useful overview of some of the key issues at stake in online brand, I don’t have a sense, after reading this proposal, of the particulars / specifics of this individual, practice-based project: what research you will conduct, what new media composing you will experiment with, what deliverables (multimodal compositions) you will produce, how you will present this project on your ePortfolio, and how you will engage in reflection throughout?

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