Final Project

Purpose / Grading
Your Final Project is worth 45% of your overall course grade, and will be an individual, researched project developed in consultation with the Professor. Each student will design her own project, but every student will incorporate drafts of proposals (and final abstract), research, new media composing experiments, Project Portfolio design and presentation (in individual OpenLab ePortfolio)–which includes the Write-Up, multimodal creations (etc.), in-class presentation, and reflection.

The breakdown of the project grade (how the 45% will be allocated) is as follows;

25%: Project Portfolio: the “Write-Up” (housed on/integrated into your individual ePortfolio)
10%: In-Class Presentation
10%: Final Project Reflection

Due Dates & Schedule & Feedback
The project is scaffolded, so that there are many opportunities for experimentation, drafting, revision, feedback along the way. Targeted feedback (both informal and formal, in the form of peer review, in-class presentations, written feedback, and a series of individual conferences with the professor) will happen along the way.

Final Drafts of all components of this Project (Project Portfolio on your ePortfolio, In-Class Presentation, Final Project Reflection)–which will be what is given the ultimate grades for the project–are due no later than the start of class (2pm) on Tuesday 12/15.

Individual conferences with the professor will occur the weeks of 11/9, 11/23, and 12/7. (Of course, these are only the minimum mandatory conferences. I encourage you to reach out to me for feedback, support, and guidance as much as you need).

Submitting Work
Each person will create a single post that has a brief (~350 words, 1-2 paragraphs) abstract that summarizes her project & then includes a link to the specific pages of the ePortfolio where this information is housed.

Categorize this post on our course site as “Final Project” and title it with the title of your project: don’t put your name, or “Final Project” in the title.

As for the presentation of the portfolio in the ePortfolio, each student will work on the design herself, suited to the needs of her particular project. However, this presentation, organization, structure, navigation (etc.) is key to a successful project, and we will spend time in class discuss successful strategies / options.

At various places in the Portfolio, deliverables should be available for download, such as the Reflective Cover Letter, multimodal creations, presentation, etc. (to add these files to the pages of your ePortfolio, use the “Add Media” button – make sure you click “insert into page” after you upload the file). All files attached should be labeled correctly (“First Name Last Name, file type/name, Final Project”).

Project Components
Click these links to learn more about the different components (and expectations / guidelines) for this Final Project (additional information will be provided as we progress through the project):

Proposal (this includes information on the final “abstract”)
New Media Composing Experimentation
Project Portfolio (on Individual OpenLab ePortfolio)
In-Class Presentation
Project Reflection