Project Reflection

Project Reflection

An important component of this Final Project process / product is your reflection on it. This is worth 10% of your overall course grade (so this is 10%, and the rest of the project is worth 35%, for the grand total of 45%).

This individual reflection should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced (addressed to me, as in “Dear Professor Belli” … no formal headings/letter formatting necessary), reflecting on what you learned during the extended process of developing/researching/writing/revising your Final Project, including: choosing your topic and refining its parameters (in consultation with the Professor); drafting/revising proposals; researching; the write-up drafting/revising process; various new media composing experiments / participation, reflections, creation of portfolio, including multimodal products; preparing your in-class presentation; in-class discussions / workshops / reviews; conferences with me; meetings with librarians & tutoring (if applicable). The key, as always, is critical and thoughtful reflection. What did you learn from this project process? What did you struggle with? What went well? How did this tie together the various strands of our Writing with New Media course this semester? How did you develop as a thinker / researcher / reader / writer? How will this help you professionally? (you don’t have to answer these in sequence: these are meant to provide you with a sense of the focus of your reflection).

Each person will submit his reflection with their other Final Project materials on the OpenLab, so please note that it will be public. Therefore, it should be an honest reflection about the successes (or lack thereof) of your Final Project Process / Product, but with an awareness that this is a public document.

Your Final Project Reflection will be graded on the completeness, thoughtfulness, and quality of your reflection, and your ability to critically discuss your experiences designing, researching, composing, and revising for this project and to engage with the specifics of the assignment and your work on it, in a meaningful way. (You will be submitting a draft on 12/8, and will receive feedback about it then, and will be revising it for the following week).

Due 12/15 at 2pm. *Extension until M 12/21 at 12pm.