Happy National Day of Writing!

Today, Tuesday, October 22, 2015, is National Day of Writing! You can more about this on NCTE’s website. A primary way this day is being celebrated / organized is through the use of a hashtag: #WhyIWrite. As the website states, “For this year’s National Day on Writing we will focus on the what, how, and why of writing and we are asking people in our community to share their writing life by posting on social media with the hashtag #whyiwrite.” You can follow this live conversation unfolding on Twitter, and participate yourself if you want.

This is an opportunity to consider why you write, the role it has in your life, and perhaps even how your writing is expanding in new media composing environments. Anyone who wants to do so may post a multimedia post for extra credit (complete by this weekend). This is an optional post, and can be approached any way you feel would be most appropriate (you can browse the national conversation happening online to get inspiration) … feel to be as creative as you’d like!

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