Class Notes 10/20


Cats Exhibit:

  • “New Age Museums”: allowing more interactions
  • A phenomenon that is culturally specific to the US
  • Memes can reshape the cultural landscapes that they are a part of

Cohen & Kenny:

  • meme: single idea that is imitated as it changes and evolves(circulation)
  • Three properties:
    • longevity: livespan
    • fecundity: fruitfulness or ability to produce
    • copy fidelity: closeness to original
  • Photogenic truth: in meme culture, not all things depicted are truth (208)
  • Memes redefine culture, context
  • Memes allow emotions to be explored through images
  • “Although memes are created online … revision, and agreement.” (86)

Hafner & Jones:

  • Framing: image/text interactions
  • Multimodality: the use of multiple semiotic modes, such as visual, aural, spoken and written modes, in a text.
  • spatial perspective:
  • simultaneous: at the same time
  • emotional appeal & visual arguments (61)
  • cultures of use


  • Who is the “author” of the content?

Class Activity

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