#Whyiwrite – My Passion

Coming from a very large family consisting of five brothers and two sisters did not give me much room for individual space. School was where I was able to amuse myself and express my individuality without my siblings being around. As I think back, I remember the ladybird books. They were the books that were used in my primary school. They consisted of about 36 English language books with whole words that we were taught to recognize on sight. The books were about two children called Peter and Jane and had a lot of pictures to go along with the words. The concept was that the majority of the language that we use in our everyday lives is based upon a few key words. By repeating these words over and over again, I was able to build my vocabulary.


As a child, I would write lots of stories, but today, I still like to write and find ways to help others is the best way I can. That includes writing professional documents that represent my ability comprehensive information. Below is an example a document that I prepared which reflects my passion for writing:

Download (PDF, 424KB)