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Twitter is a multi-modal and fluid platform that allows users to generate and consume content at a rapid pace. Producing relavent content on a fast moving site such as twitter can prove to be a challenge. In researching and determining strategies that are suggest to be beneficial in producing content with high engagement, a trial testing a variation of these approaches was formulated. Though there are several different approaches one could take four mainstays appeared throughout. Several sources that offer tips and strategies to build engagement are, Forbes, Business Insider and the NY Times. Though their approaches vary they share several commonalities. By utilizing hashtags, cross posting content and sharing exisisting content the Twitter analytics project showcases how the strategies at hand played out when applied. Over a period of four weeks four strategies were combined and applied to a personal twitter account to gage the validity of each one. Combined in a short period of time the experiment was moderately successful, resulting in a slight increase in following and a notable increase in engagement views per tweet.Through the trial and error of applying these strategies it stands to reason that not all of these suggested approaches work or are viable to apply to smaller more personalized accounts. Therefor it is crucial to note that not all of the content that is popular on social media follows or adheres to the tear of strategies most often proposed. While conducting this engagement experiment several factors came into play, such as, time constraints, frequency of posts, currency of the information being transmitted. In summary of this experiment several key things can be noted. The timeline to building a solid user engagement is lengthy an cannot be determined over weeks or even months it more realistically takes a year or more, strategies are geared toward businesses or entrepenures and that without proper promotion user content is lost fairly quickly after being posted. This experiment is relevant in determining the approach a future social media composer or student may take when seeking out a path to increasing their own social media presence or engagement.


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