Why I Write

Why do I write? There are many reasons. First I write to express myself. Secondly, I write to put myself in impossible situations (situations that I would want to be in but can’t). I simply write for therapeutic purposes. I never realized how much relief I could get from picking up a pen and writing down every little thing that came to mind. To see it on paper is mind blowing, opening my eyes to my thoughts right in front of me. I write for numerous purposes that cannot be questioned because everyone had their reasons behind what they do.

I write to exercise my mind. I write to never forget my obstacles and my aspirations, goals, and dreams. I write questions that are left unanswered. I write to keep the existence of my true calling. I write because it is the next best thing to talking. I write as though I’m actively talking to someone.

Now I write because it’s feels like a responsibility that must be done in the educational system. But now, I’ll go back to writing for me, not because someone told me to. I’ll write because there’s more meaning and fulfilment in writing for myself. All the papers I kept of my writing from 6th grade and so on, all have meaning so there’s no reason to stop but to continue on as my writing grows. Writing never stays the same and I know there’s a distinct difference of writing from when I was 11 years old compared to now. I stopped writing for myself a long time ago but I definitely think it’s time to pick it back up. With writing anything is possible.

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