Blogger? Journalist? Or both?

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Bogging versus journalism will forever be an ongoing debate. Undoubtedly there are distinctions between blogging and journalism which may spark a discussion however, is there a sharp distinction between the two disciplines? I think the two have merged together over time. Using a popular site known as, I have reason to believe it is both a blog and journalist site that provides readers with what they want. What started out as solely about shopping grew into content about celebrities, particularly in the event that publisher and founder Claire Sulmers was asked where songstress Ciara received her dress she was wearing. With a fully productive staff the site is a space to showcase all things celebrity and fashion using multiple social media sites that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest to network and inform celebrities when they’re being talked about and in turn, sometimes celebrities will retweet a link to their followers which means their fans will come to the the site for the latest scoop. The site is very thorough and consistent on the news they provide for their readers. At the same time they also encourage their readers to help in providing information that may be difficult to retrieve at times. Almost 10 years in the blogosphere the site’s credibility has never been waivered or questioned making it one of the top sites for daily insight in the celebrity world.

Newspaper to News Blog

This blog is about how news reporting and viewing has changed since the evolution of digital media. The number of people getting their news from blog instead of the traditional mediums of newspapers and radios has drastically declined.  In comparison, the number of people who turn to news blogs to discover facts, views, and perspectives on stories is on an upward trend.  In this blog, I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting the news though digital media. I hope to make the point that the news is just as important as it always was but now we can have more of a connection to it.

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A Look At Millennial Discourse Communities

The assignment was to write a review about a few strengths and weakness I discovered through researching different genre of blogs. To my surprise, I discovered a prominent theme through all the blogs I found and it was this. There has been a mass marketing strategy towards the millennial generations (Gen-Y) because they are seen as profitable consumers of technology, food, and so on. Many millennials, myself included, are trying to find a niche in a discourse community. A few turn to creating a personal blog, others expand to broader blogs like Elite Daily, while others navigate to find a community. My presentation will explore three blogs that I believe can help pioneer the millennial discourse community and inspire other millennials to connect to the community. It is my contention that the millennial population are surprisingly progressive from previous generations and it is important to cultivate an ecosystem for them to share their ideas. 

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The Non-Shady Post About a Shady Blog.

This presentation is a quick introduction into “The Shade Room” blog. The blog offers readers quick insiders to the hottest celebrity news, fashion tips, and unraveling social issues. This blog unlike others such as “Entertainment tonight”, “Access Hollywood” , or even “TMZ” is designed in a way that specifically understands its audience and targets them in a way that has made the blog a huge success.


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