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This blog is about how news reporting and viewing has changed since the evolution of digital media. The number of people getting their news from blog instead of the traditional mediums of newspapers and radios has drastically declined.  In comparison, the number of people who turn to news blogs to discover facts, views, and perspectives on stories is on an upward trend.  In this blog, I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting the news though digital media. I hope to make the point that the news is just as important as it always was but now we can have more of a connection to it.

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2 thoughts on “Newspaper to News Blog

  1. Hi Pamela, during your presentation last week you described Twitter as a blog and we were quick to correct you. While reading Chapter 9:Developing a Strategy for Social Media by Carroll (pg. 252) he mentions that Twitter co-founders called the site a “microblog.” I thought this might be useful when you edit your PPT.

    Your presentation was brilliant!

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