Nexus 7 Manual Evaluation


The Nexus 7 manual under consideration consists of seven sections, which are titled according to their content. Effective and clear titling allows the user to quickly find the necessary information and to save time when a particular problem needs solution. The sections are not only united by certain technical aspect, but are also presented in a logical and consistent manner.

The information is presented in a readable and  understandable way, an easy language being applied.  The extensive use of various visualizing tools, such as images, illustrations, pictorial elements, photographic elements,  highlighting and others contributes to the uncomplicated and effortless perception of information, despite the general complexity of such kind of discourse. Also, the general structuring of the text is simple and convenient for reading. Comments are provided for all the images and graphical objects. The author uses listing, markers, proper spacing between the passages, effective color decisions (for highlighting important ideas or phrases), and other means of efficient presentation. The manual is not overloaded with either graphical or textual elements, being compositionally balanced.

In terms of the content, the manual serves as a helping tool, since it provides a highly detailed information about the use of the product, allowing the user to find out any technical aspect and explanation. The words and terms are used efficiently and concisely. The overlapped sentences are avoided. The usage of details is balanced in accordance to the needs of the audience for clarity.

It can be concluded that the message of each section is straightforward and clear. The visualizing techniques and structuring of the text helps to achieve an effective presentation, contributing to the clarity, usability, and accessibility of the manual.




Online Identity in a Network World…..?

When I Google myself online, I found that some of my tweets and status updates were readily available on the internet. I was shocked by this discovery because I had only expected my basic personal information to be displayed publicly, but not the things I posted to close friends. Although I did not have anything controversial in my search results, I do not think I branded myself suitably. From the class readings, I learned that I should use social networks as a platform to create a good impression to potential employers (Marcus and Kitchen). I suppose that my results did not highlight a professional impression to someone who has never met me. Supposedly, if a potential boss was to google my name, it is unlikely that they will be impressed with what they find regarding my professional ambitions and image.

Though I have learned from class readings that it is advisable to have an impressionable online identity, I do not think it is ethical to google prospective job candidates. From the course readings, some companies match a person’s patterns in order to determine whether they are eligible for credit loans. However, some people use aliases and fake information on social media to protect their identity from online predators. I presume that they would be disadvantaged if credit companies used their online profiles to determine their credit worth. Further, googling people’s names can lead to discrediting of potential employees as a result of mistaken identity.

In a 2010 article by Stephanie Goldberg, a young man changed his name from Dustin to Gustin in order to improve his chances of getting an internship. The young man explained the fact that employers google their applicants is unsettling. He also added that it is an unfair approach to secure employment since one’s personal life is not a measure of their ability to do the job (Goldberg). In conclusion, as much as the online identity has become a popular method of filtering job applicants I do not support it, and consider it is unethical and disrespectful. Besides, it promotes dishonesty among applicants.


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Major/Education Reflection

When debating about City Tech curriculum in relation to the availability of jobs, it is yes and no. I can argue that the curriculum in my major at City Tech prepares me for the work environment. The school prepares students for general terms and offers adequate materials on the programming area. On the other hand, there are inadequate materials with some of the software application. Furthermore, the school uses software that is not used in today’s market. Also the students lack practical skills to handle and fix computers when they stall. It leads to the next issues of how courses are offered in terms of history, theory, and practical at the college.

The college ensures students learn all the historical and theoretical aspects of the course. The practical part of the course depends on the professor’s will. Some professors offer more practical than theory but majority of them concentrate on historical and theoretical part.

On other necessary courses, I am convinced that additional courses for Certifications such a, CompTIA, and CCNA, VoIP, and Citrix  that students must pass will be an added advantage since many available job openings require background experience and certifications. Again, the students need to have technical skills, troubleshooting knowledge, excellent communication skills, and over two years technical support experience. As evident, the job openings focus on the technical aspect that a lot of colleges fails to offer. I am convinced that if City Tech adds relevant workshops, the students will benefit a lot. The college is doing well on internship since I am through with mine, and I gained a lot.

On the issue of college preparing the students for the job, I believe so. Preparing students for the job market should be a priority since it is what we are studying for. If we do not learn what is essential in the work environment, it does not matter the level of education one has since without experience, securing a job will be difficult.

In terms of skills, education, and career preparedness, I can say I have acquired a lot in the areas of LAN, security, and programming areas such as C++, SQL, and Java for programming and database management. On the other hand, networking area is lacking, and I think City Tech need to give students adequate troubleshooting practices from PC to Server. Moreover, students should also be taught how to handle real time problems on the work environment and the challenges industries face in the work environment.

When comparing skills, education, and career preparedness at City Tech and how training in my field prepares me for the job market, in relation to other college’s programs and curriculum, I  can say that City Tech can be compared with  DeVry University that offer variety of programs so that students chose the discipline they want to specialize in. I established that City Tech offers ten times better courses than colleges such as NYIT, City College, Hunter College, NYU  and MIT . Therefore, City Tech is better than the other colleges I searched. City Tech is one of the qualified schools for the students who aspire to be IT managers and Network Administrators. Other colleges in NYC do not offer programs such as the programs at City Tech. Even through City Tech needs improvements in areas of practical, it is far much better than other colleges.

Job Ads Research


During my  research I found out  that most of the jobs involves technical communication in a written form as well as hardware and software experience. This area involves various occupations such as consumer electronics, software engineering, amongst others. This career has specific characteristics like communication skills on various topics through technology and giving of instructions in spite of the nature of the tasks. Therefore, Computer Information Systems  offers diverse career opportunities to the job market. However, there are various aspects that job advertisers seek to find in a potential employee. These aspects are mainly listed in the adverts, most are similar but there are also various differences, depending on the advertiser.

A look at various advertising sites on Computer Information Systems  and  it shows the specific skills required, the kind of communication and  hardware experience, depending on type of requirements they need. One of the common requirements is at least two years’ experience in the same field. Secondly, the advertisers seek to find a full time employee with Information Technology knowledge and a Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree. Another requirement is both verbal and written communication skills. This is because the employee is required to communicate with the end –users. Finally, the most dominant requirement on software literacy are windows OS, MS office, HD and other applications. Therefore, an applicant must  have some experience on the area.

From observation, I am well prepared for the job market. This is because I meet almost all the requirements. Additionally, I am conversant with most digital software in the modern market. I also have a pretty good communication skills and I like to solve technical problems. Moreover, I have worked as an intern in the same field as an assistant network administrator where I evaluated some of the network systems of the company and their applicability also I have worked troubleshooting with PC or Laptop as well as software (Windows 7,8,OS ,Linux)  . On the other hand, education at City Tech is based on the needs of the current market. Thus, students acquire useable knowledge which makes it less challenging to adapt into the job market. As a result, I am well cut out for the job market.

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A little be about my life..

Hello, my name is Rosa Cedano I am from Dominican Republic a happy country where you can have the best vacations ever. I’m the type of person who likes to learn new things and to explorer the world. I love to visit new places and have fun. I love waterparks, go to the movies I also enjoy to see the landscape of different places. I am fascinated with the world. My purpose is this world is to discover myself and help others on their needs.

I came to NYC 5 years ago with no knowledge of the English language. I did my high School in my country so I started college here. At the beginning it was so difficult to me to adapt in this environment since I was not able to communicate with people. I took an intensive English class the first 6 month of school (4 years ago) after that I started taking classes of my career.
I did my Associates Degree at Technical Career Institute College of Technology in “Information Technology “then I transferred to New York City College of Technology to finish my Bachelor’s degree in CST major. I choose this career path because I love technology and I also love to help people that don’t understand technology well.
After I graduate I would like to get a job on the Help Desk area since I like to solve problems in the technical area. I don’t like to be sitting in at office for 8 hours; I like to work in the field.

On the other hand, as I said before I love to travel and explorer new places therefore this Summer I went to lot of places. I went to visit Disney World, Six flags, I visited a few parks out of the state, and also I went to different water-parks.
Here is a picture of me at Disney Universal Studios:

DSCF1444 DSCF1450

In addition, I have more weaknesses than strengths when it comes to write. Honestly writing for me becomes really hard and I have to give 100% percent of my effort when I have to write an essay or some documents that require to be written in a professional way. I would really like to improve my writing skills and I am looking forward to learn a bit more about it on this class.

Technical Writing for me is a way to communicate with users or clients to describe a process in an understandable and at the same time a professional way.

In conclusion, I am so excited to see what I will learn in this class, and I have a good feeling it will be fun and helpful.