Major/Education Reflection

When debating about City Tech curriculum in relation to the availability of jobs, it is yes and no. I can argue that the curriculum in my major at City Tech prepares me for the work environment. The school prepares students for general terms and offers adequate materials on the programming area. On the other hand, there are inadequate materials with some of the software application. Furthermore, the school uses software that is not used in today’s market. Also the students lack practical skills to handle and fix computers when they stall. It leads to the next issues of how courses are offered in terms of history, theory, and practical at the college.

The college ensures students learn all the historical and theoretical aspects of the course. The practical part of the course depends on the professor’s will. Some professors offer more practical than theory but majority of them concentrate on historical and theoretical part.

On other necessary courses, I am convinced that additional courses for Certifications such a, CompTIA, and CCNA, VoIP, and Citrix  that students must pass will be an added advantage since many available job openings require background experience and certifications. Again, the students need to have technical skills, troubleshooting knowledge, excellent communication skills, and over two years technical support experience. As evident, the job openings focus on the technical aspect that a lot of colleges fails to offer. I am convinced that if City Tech adds relevant workshops, the students will benefit a lot. The college is doing well on internship since I am through with mine, and I gained a lot.

On the issue of college preparing the students for the job, I believe so. Preparing students for the job market should be a priority since it is what we are studying for. If we do not learn what is essential in the work environment, it does not matter the level of education one has since without experience, securing a job will be difficult.

In terms of skills, education, and career preparedness, I can say I have acquired a lot in the areas of LAN, security, and programming areas such as C++, SQL, and Java for programming and database management. On the other hand, networking area is lacking, and I think City Tech need to give students adequate troubleshooting practices from PC to Server. Moreover, students should also be taught how to handle real time problems on the work environment and the challenges industries face in the work environment.

When comparing skills, education, and career preparedness at City Tech and how training in my field prepares me for the job market, in relation to other college’s programs and curriculum, I  can say that City Tech can be compared with  DeVry University that offer variety of programs so that students chose the discipline they want to specialize in. I established that City Tech offers ten times better courses than colleges such as NYITCity College, Hunter College, NYU  and MIT . Therefore, City Tech is better than the other colleges I searched. City Tech is one of the qualified schools for the students who aspire to be IT managers and Network Administrators. Other colleges in NYC do not offer programs such as the programs at City Tech. Even through City Tech needs improvements in areas of practical, it is far much better than other colleges.