A little be about my life..

Hello, my name is Rosa Cedano I am from Dominican Republic a happy country where you can have the best vacations ever. I’m the type of person who likes to learn new things and to explorer the world. I love to visit new places and have fun. I love waterparks, go to the movies I also enjoy to see the landscape of different places. I am fascinated with the world. My purpose is this world is to discover myself and help others on their needs.

I came to NYC 5 years ago with no knowledge of the English language. I did my high School in my country so I started college here. At the beginning it was so difficult to me to adapt in this environment since I was not able to communicate with people. I took an intensive English class the first 6 month of school (4 years ago) after that I started taking classes of my career.
I did my Associates Degree at Technical Career Institute College of Technology in “Information Technology “then I transferred to New York City College of Technology to finish my Bachelor’s degree in CST major. I choose this career path because I love technology and I also love to help people that don’t understand technology well.
After I graduate I would like to get a job on the Help Desk area since I like to solve problems in the technical area. I don’t like to be sitting in at office for 8 hours; I like to work in the field.

On the other hand, as I said before I love to travel and explorer new places therefore this Summer I went to lot of places. I went to visit Disney World, Six flags, I visited a few parks out of the state, and also I went to different water-parks.
Here is a picture of me at Disney Universal Studios:

DSCF1444 DSCF1450

In addition, I have more weaknesses than strengths when it comes to write. Honestly writing for me becomes really hard and I have to give 100% percent of my effort when I have to write an essay or some documents that require to be written in a professional way. I would really like to improve my writing skills and I am looking forward to learn a bit more about it on this class.

Technical Writing for me is a way to communicate with users or clients to describe a process in an understandable and at the same time a professional way.

In conclusion, I am so excited to see what I will learn in this class, and I have a good feeling it will be fun and helpful.