Lectures & Tutorials

PDF tutorials by Prof. Paul C. King unless otherwise noted
Video Tutorials by Prof. Severino Alfonso Dunn unless otherwise noted
Day 01 Agenda – Introduction Agenda
WELCOME & Introduction Lecture
Day 02 Agenda – Zoning – Intro Agenda
Zoning Definitions Lecture Lecture
Zoning OasisNYC.net Tutorial PDF Tutorial
Zoning zd1_guide Reference
Zoning & Autocad Flatshot PDF Tutorial
Zoning Analysis Steps PDF Tutorial
Day 02 Links http://www.oasisnyc.net/map.aspx Link
Zoning Map 12d Link
Reading the Zoning Map Link
Zoning Handbook C6-4 Link
Digital Tax Map Link
City Planning Department Link
NYC Building Department Link
NYC Zoning Text Link
Day 03 Agenda – Zoning – Review Agenda
Zoning Text Research Lecture
Day 04 Agenda – Zoning – Answers Agenda
Zoning Answers Lecture –
(Not to be posted)
PDF Lecture
Day 05 Egress & Partition Types – Intro Agenda
Partition Types  PDF Lecture
Day 06 Egress & Partition Types – Review Agenda
Egress & Building Codes Lecture
NYC Dept of Buildings
Codes & References
NYC Building Code Link
Day 07 Stairs & Egress Intro Agenda
Cores & Stairs Lecture
Stairs & Egress – Step by Step Lecture
Day 08 Stair Study Review Agenda
Day 09 Revit Intro & Scavenger Hunt Agenda
REVIT Intro Scavenger Hunt PDF Tutorial
Day 10 Revit Scavenger Hunt Annotation Agenda
Scavenger Hunt Annotation PDF Tutorial
Scavenger Hunt Annotation Tutorial A – Visibility & Duplicate Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Scavenger Hunt Annotation Tutorial B – Sheet Layout Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Scavenger Hunt Annotation Tutorial C – Sheet Layout Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Scavenger Hunt Annotation Tutorial D – Sheet Layout Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Scavenger Hunt Annotation Tutorial E – Crop Regions Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Annotation Tutorial F – Text & Leaders Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Day 11 Revit Warm-Up Project Agenda
Warm-UP Project PDF Tutorial
Revit Interface PDF Tutorial
Sample Project Drawing Set Reference
Day 12 Revit Project Setup – Grids & Levels Agenda
Project Day.01 New Academic Project Start – Grids & Levels PDF Tutorial
Day 13 Revit Concrete Foundations Columns & Slabs on Grade Agenda
REVIT Concrete Foundations & Slab on Grade PDF Tutorial
Day 14 Revit Concrete Beams & Slabs Agenda
Revit – Concrete Beams & Slabs PDF Tutorial
Day 15 Revit Steel Structure Agenda
Project Day04 Steel Structure PDF Tutorial
Day 16 Project Day 05 Revit Brick on CMU – Reveals & Sweeps Agenda
Project.Day05.Brick on CMU w Reveals & Sweeps – Revit & Autocad PDF Tutorial
Revit Sweeps and Reveals Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Revit Filters Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Day 17 Revit Roof by Footprint & by Profile Agenda
Project Day 06 Roof Construction PDF Tutorial
Day 18 Revit Structural Background Drawings Agenda
Project Day 07 Structural Drawing Set PDF Tutorial
Day 19 Revit Atrium Curtain Wall Agenda
Atrium Curtain Wall PDF Tutorial
Revit Site Mass Introduction Video Tutorial Prof. Alfonso
Revit Conceptual Mass Introduction Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Revit Conceptual Mass Roof Video Tutorial
Prof. Alfonso
Day 20 Revit LAB Layout – Walls Agenda
LAB.Lab Wall Layout & Display Filters PDF Tutorial
Day 21 Revit LAB Layout – Doors Agenda
REVIT.Lab Doors Column Enclosure & Space Planning PDF Tutorial
Day 22 Revit LAB Core Development Agenda
Day.22.REVIT.2014.Proj11 LAB Cores PDF Tutorial
Day 22 Elevators Tutorial PDF Tutorial
The Code Corner No. 38 – Elevators Reference
Day 23 Revit LAB & Atrium Stairs Agenda
LAB & ATRIUM Stairs PDF Tutorial
Day 24 Revit – Developing Schedules Agenda
REVIT LAB Developing Schedules PDF Tutorial
Day 25 Drawing Set and Part Plans Agenda
None PDF Tutorial
Day 26 Autocad Precast Facade Studies Agenda
Precast Facade – Autocad & Blocks PDF Tutorial
Day 27 Precast Facade Panels – Revit Family Agenda

Façade Precast Concrete Tutorial using reveals
Video Tutorial Prof. Alfonso

Façade Precast Concrete Tutorial Dimensioning and Sheet organization
Video Tutorial Prof. Alfonso

Wall joins configuration in Revit
Video Tutorial Prof. Alfonso
Day 28 Wall Sections & Annotation Agenda
Developing Wall Sections PDF Tutorial
Day 29 RCP Plans & Cabinets & Furniture Plans Agenda
Revit – Counters-Cabinets & RCP PDF Tutorial
Day 30 Revit Perspectives & Animation Agenda
Revit Perspective & Animation PDF Tutorial
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