Wall Section Details for 12/11/2014 Next Class with Redmarks

Deadline is 2pm Thursday for upload to blackboard.  After the deadline please print on 11 x 17 and add any additional redmarks.  You will be asked to upload the remark sheet by the end of class.

Work on this as you did for the Scavenger Hunt Assignment with Annotation – make sure you keep copies of where you research your details and all of these images must be in a PDF that will also be uploaded.

Add leaders and notes to the drawings.  If you do not know what something is but know that a note is needed add a leader an put a question mark (?) as the text.

Include the following for each study.

  • Wall Sections at 3/4″
  • Enlarged section details a 1 1 /2″
  • Isometric Section
  • Plan Details & Plan Isometric
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