COMD1200 Graphic Design Principles II, Sp2021

Prof. Anita Giraldo | OL 44 | Spring 2021

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Week 9 Lesson Plan (alt)


 Type in motion in both commercial applications and movies. Examples are shown of various applications.

Specifically: Type moves to divert the eye to what is important. With digital video it can enlarge and change color more effectively than … Read More

Week 8 Lesson Plan


Type on the third dimension. Type on a box: samples of type on a cube–experimental and practical applications.

Specifically: Typography on boxes (packaging) or in the three dimensions (signage)


  • Redraw the template using illustration software on a
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Week 8 Lesson Plan


For Type in Motion. Motion as a series of time-specific events

Specifically: Motion is the illusion of sequential images. The more images, the smoother the motion. The shorter the duration of the image OR the greater the number … Read More

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