Type in motion in both commercial applications and movies. Examples are shown of various applications.

Specifically: Type moves to divert the eye to what is important. With digital video it can enlarge and change color more effectively than when done by hand. 


  • using the animation created, alter the speed of the sequence, or alter the animation’s quality. Make a color chart if necessary.


  • Transfer your storyboard to Photoshop images in GIF format.

Session 1

  • Now that all the elements are in digital form, create the animation.
  • Animate the direction, the size, the color. In all, make three separate animations.


  • Refine your animations and upload them to the web. Decide on how you want your animation to flow: whether you want it to loop or end.

Session 2

  • Critique of finished animations


  • Upload to a GIF animation board, IG, YT or other sharing platform.


https://gph.is/2IaKVuo. http://gph.is/1x0DVEf

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