The Type/Lettering Project is the development of a typographic treatment rendered by hand using brush and paint.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to recognize and appreciate the parts of the letterform by deliberately drawing and refining it by hand.
  • Build an upgraded aesthetic for the typographic form and one’s personal expectations.
  • Learn to gauge visual balance, measure, draw the letterform.


  1. Print the Typebook . It’s nine 8.5 x 11 pages. Print one side only.
  2. Using only a pencil or chisel-point marker, make 100 ligatures, tracing them from the typebook
  3. From the 100, chose three and bring into the computer, refining as per the reference sheet.
  4. Cut three 7×7-inch boards from an ultra-smooth illustration board, transfer the images of the finished ligatures to them and paint carefully with plaka

Due Date(s)

  • Week 4 Sessions 1-2, draw the 100 ligatures
  • Week 5 Session1, bring into the computer and refine
    • Session 2: informal critique, cut boards
  • Week 6: Session 1: Final refinement
    • Session 2: Transfer and paint
  • Week 7: Session 1-2 Critique.