Poster critique. The final, the ISSUU Doc/Process Book

Specifically: Design and layout a 20+ page digital book of the semester’s work to post on an open-source online platform.


  • Find the specifications required for the zine; organize the pages in a dummy, organize links to be included; photograph or scan all flat art done (ligature, Brainstorm grid, 100 ligature sketches


  • Open an account with ISSUU or any other open-source online publishing platform. Cull all the work done throughout the semester. Make sure that your materials are 72 dpi in RGB Format. Retouch them in Photoshop if needed.

Session 1

  • Draw the grid, design the cover of the zine. Put the grid on the Master Page of an InDesign Doc that’s at least 20 pages. Decide if the grid will repeat from page to page, or be a mirror image on a double-page spread.


  • Write the text for the sections of the zine: Headlines, explanations, captions, if appropriate. Assign the font sizes for each.

Session 2

  • Lay out the book


  • Continue laying out the book, revising content, adjusting the flow of the pages, processing any images.


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