The Poster Project

Specifically: The poster or placard to relay information; how it has been used to convey information actively and passively to large groups of people. Below are political poster collections.



  • Review the various techniques for opacity, text outline, layout. Also familiarize with a slide presentation platform like Google slides, Powerpoint online, Keynote.


  • Photograph different types of posters: Digital ones, paper ones, billboards. 

Session 1

  • The Design Heroes Project is assigned. The list of designers is reviewed briefly and the project expectations are reviewed. 
  • Other types of posters throughout recent history


  • From a list of designers, choose one. Research their life and their work and collect enough images to make a 20-page presentation of their work and the impact it had on their times. Remember to cite all your images. Presentation to the class is due in one week.
  • The list is attached

Session 2

  • The Color Guide: Instructions to create a color guide by analyzing how two colors interact with varying opacities. 
  • The InDesign File is in Bb. Select a color, work through the opacities


  • Finish the color guide and print it. Study the differences between the transparency of the color online and on paper.
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