Type on the Third Dimension. Type on a box: additional samples of type on a cube–experimental and practical applications on architecture and signage.

Specifically: Computer work to put the typographic sketches into the template.

While this isn’t a packaging course, go through the site below. It’s a Swedish product design and production company. They make all kinds of objects, but their most interesting are solutions for medical packaging.



Here are four videos to help you put your images on the template. I didn’t have either a printer or Bristol board. I drew the template on looseleaf and made the cube on a piece of white cardboard I had laying around the apartment. I painted it black with Plaka and assembled it.

  • Building the ligature once it’s been painted. I painted it with Plaka because I like the matte black, similar to the toner from a printer. Long video. https://youtu.be/m7I_oroi-Ec


  • Using the assembled hand-made cube, transfer and refine the design to the computer.
  • Print the image on a stock that is slightly heavier than standard stock. Cut and assemble. 

Session 1/Session 2

  • Finish the cube project and photograph with the phone against a neutral background. Photograph all angles
  • Critique by the end of the class. Each student makes an online presentation of their finished cube(s).


  • Design the images on the cube by either tracing and transferring the ligature images from the various enlargements you made,
  • Or enlarging or reducing the images on the screen, tracing them on tracing paper
  • Then transferring the entire sketch onto cardstock, cut it and assemble it.
  • If modifications are needed, make them, and evaluate the strength of the design.
  • Once that’s done, transfer the information to the design on the computer, make a PDF and send to print, again on cardstock.
  • Trim carefully, assemble it. gluing the flaps together, and carefully filling in the edges to give a clean corner.


To print the cube:

https://www.fedex.com/en-us/office/copy-and-print-services.html https://www.theupsstore.com/print/copies https://www.upsstoreprintshop.com/DSF/SmartStore.aspx#!/CategoryHome/19

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