Historical hand rendering of various typographic alphabets


• How to render the letterforms by hand

• How to write the perfect resume. The importance of knowing how to measure and how to create analog presentations. For the resume: How to correctly format the content into something that will be effectively read.


  • Reading a ruler, measurements and cutting an illustration board. Transferring images from a transmitted medium to a hardcopy. (See videos). 


  • Have your supplies: Tracing paper, pencils, cutting board (or heavy cardboard), illustration board, metal ruler, soft ruler, knife and blades. 
  • Watch this video. It’s called Imported from Brooklyn, an 18-minute video made by City Tech students and winner of an Emmy awardin educational television. 

Session 1

  • Critique of the three sets of the ligature treatments. How to measure and cut a board properly.

Session 1 Homework

  • Cut three/four perfect illustration boards for hand lettering project.
  • Bring your resume. If you don’t have one, bring all your data and achievements for them to be organized into a resume.

Session 2

Session 2 Homework

  • Transfer all three ligatures to the illustration board
  • Write your resume according to the format instructions. 


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