Hi Everybody, I’m Professor Anita Giraldo, and I’ll be your COMD 1200 OL 52 instructor for the Fall 2020 semester.

I sent out an email from CUNY1st and a few from Blackboard, I hope you’ve all received them. Please count on me communicating with you through your City Tech email; check it often. I don’t know if the school still allows you to point it to another email; I suggest you keep working with it and check it several times a day.

Here’s a little about me.

I’m an associate professor at City Tech, and I’ve been teaching here for 10 years. I designed and oversaw the construction and implementation of The Pearl media study faculty on the first floor of the Pearl Building. It was my tenure project. I hope that we’ll be back there soon.

I’ve written curriculum, managed the department schedule, oversaw the student design team at Faculty Commons, headed the Open House and Orientation for incoming students and currently supervise department communications.

Also at City Tech, I’ve taught first year Digital Photography, Design Team, Creative Project Management, and this semester I’ll be teaching Design Theory.

I’ve had a full life as an artist, photographer, designer, print maker and production manager. My work has been exhibited all over the world; my photographs have appeared in national advertising campaigns. I’ll let you in on my projects throughout the semester.

Quick assignment for today, I’d like you to write a quick auto-bio and post it on this site. Reveal as much as you’d like; it can be similar to what I wrote above.

Before next class, read the comments and get to know your classmates! 

For extra credit, reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.