The link provided below is my infographic created for this project:

Artist’s statement:

     The topic that I have chosen is about the internment camps in Xinjiang, China, where mainly Uighurs and other ethnic minorities are being captured and turned into detainees based off of the assumption that all of those people hold extremist and violent ideologies. I’ve become interested in this topic because I feel as if it’s not getting anymore attention as it once was, just like many other humanitarian issues going on in the world. I believe awareness about topics like this should consistently be spread until the issue can be fully resolved, if that isn’t possible, at least efforts to support the cause should be applied. My inspiration are all the survivor stories I’ve been reading, truly empathizing and trying to understand how difficult the experience was. My unit 2 project directly came hand in hand with my unit 3 project, it helped me utilize all my resources, get a deeper understanding of the topic, and getting the main ideas across.

     The genre I chose to write in is an infographic. An infographic is a collection of any data, information, and visuals you might want to put out. I chose to write in this type of genre because I’m able to customize how I want it to look. Another reason why I chose this genre is because I was able to create a clear and cohesive infographic making sure it included the main ideas, which were also supported by visuals. The audience I’m trying to target are the ones with social media, in which they can utilize their platform as a way to support and spread awareness. The reason I decided to talk about this particular aspect of my research is because it just goes to go show how certain areas in the world aren’t as privileged as us in certain aspects. China has disregarded human rights completely and doesn’t see an issue with it which is outrageously unjust. The purpose of my piece is to shed light on the matter and describe how severe this act of violation against humanity is. 

    In my choice of genre I was able to customize the piece to my liking, and I believe this was the best way to communicate my ideas because I was able to pick out the major details from my research and apply them on the infographic to get my point across clearly, and insure the targeted audience would also understand. I believe this went well due to the fact that I was able to collect more information, data, and details. Researching the articles and watching those interviews really assisted into furthering my knowledge and understanding on other global matters.