Jade Wearing

Week 5

My experience with education can be seen as both positive and negative. I believe that education is very important and useful but I also believe that not everything a person learns or may learn is important and relevant in their lives. There were times where I have done really well in classes that I was most interested in and enjoyed being in, and there were times where I have done very poorly in the classes that I didn’t find interesting or relevant to me and what I wanted to do and didn’t take it seriously. There was also a point of time where I was getting teased a lot in school which impacted the way I was and the way I performed in school. During these tough times, I turned to something positive which helped me get through it, and it this case it was video games. With the help of video games in my life and my love for playing them, getting through school was so much easier and better for me which was and is a major factor on how I view school and education.