This semester was really hard for me, i didn’t have any motivation to do anything since it was a remote learning and its online.It was also really hard for most students since college is really expensive and people that don’t have any laptop and it’s really important to own a laptop if you are in college because they ask for many things,Students also have been through tough times,losing the ones you love can be really hard on anyone and trying to protect your family could be also hard and exhausted if you are the oldest and they only have you.I get really dizzy if i stayed couple hours on my laptop and i find it really hard to finish any of my assignments and i try to finish them on time and fast.I feel like that no matter what we are going through we have to fight it together and to keep motivating each other and never lose hope.I tried my best to do every work i possibly can do and i added all my effort and hope in it.


My favourite assignment to do was unit one when we started talking about our personal experience with education, and i think that i talked about how i feel about education and how that we always saw it as it is something boring nd that we don’t need it and that we would be better without it.during quarantine you had plenty stuff to do and especially reconnecting with your parents and siblings again,i was really open when i was talking about my journey with education and it was really hard for me to get some stuff but i had it managed and i did my best to get everything.In the assignment I addressed the way my actions and interests changed due to the changing world and the culture at school,. A comparison between the work I did previously in the semester and the time I did later is that in all the tasks I demonstrated imagination.


After completing some of the lessons we had, there were several important lessons I have gained. After watching the documentary “I Am Not Your Negro,” I knew not only what, but what James Baldwin stood for. I saw how ridiculous it is that people continue to fight for fundamental human rights these days and face the same problems. As roles and genres change, I have been able to extend my ability to investigate and gather crucial data and knowledge about my subjects.For unit 3 it made do research about multiple things that i found really interesting and i also thought of the audience and what can be an issue that everyone is facing right now and i really wanted to talk about it,because most people just ignore the huge stuff that are the real problem and start focusing on some small things that won’t even make a difference whether it was still there or not.i tried to make it really simple and i tried explaining every point so that no one goes through any confusion.I felt like this semester was stressful in terms of all the courses we had to complete and plan for, but I managed to resolve this by administering my time and taking advantage of my environment. I do believe that numbers don’t determine my character nor my importance in the grand scheme of things, but I think it’s still necessary to do your best in something that you want to do, but I’m not sure that the number of people can dictate my personality or my value in the big scheme of things.