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Portfolio and reflection

This semester was really hard for me, i didn’t have any motivation to do anything since it was a remote learning and its online.It was also really hard for most students since college is really expensive and people that don’t have any laptop and it’s really important to own a laptop if you are in college because they ask for many things,Students also have been through tough times,losing the ones you love can be really hard on anyone and trying to protect your family could be also hard and exhausted if you are the oldest and they only have you.I get really dizzy if i stayed couple hours on my laptop and i find it really hard to finish any of my assignments and i try to finish them on time and fast.I feel like that no matter what we are going through we have to fight it together and to keep motivating each other and never lose hope.I tried my best to do every work i possibly can do and i added all my effort and hope in it.


My favourite assignment to do was unit one when we started talking about our personal experience with education, and i think that i talked about how i feel about education and how that we always saw it as it is something boring nd that we don’t need it and that we would be better without it.during quarantine you had plenty stuff to do and especially reconnecting with your parents and siblings again,i was really open when i was talking about my journey with education and it was really hard for me to get some stuff but i had it managed and i did my best to get everything.In the assignment I addressed the way my actions and interests changed due to the changing world and the culture at school,. A comparison between the work I did previously in the semester and the time I did later is that in all the tasks I demonstrated imagination.


After completing some of the lessons we had, there were several important lessons I have gained. After watching the documentary “I Am Not Your Negro,” I knew not only what, but what James Baldwin stood for. I saw how ridiculous it is that people continue to fight for fundamental human rights these days and face the same problems. As roles and genres change, I have been able to extend my ability to investigate and gather crucial data and knowledge about my subjects.For unit 3 it made do research about multiple things that i found really interesting and i also thought of the audience and what can be an issue that everyone is facing right now and i really wanted to talk about it,because most people just ignore the huge stuff that are the real problem and start focusing on some small things that won’t even make a difference whether it was still there or not.i tried to make it really simple and i tried explaining every point so that no one goes through any confusion.I felt like this semester was stressful in terms of all the courses we had to complete and plan for, but I managed to resolve this by administering my time and taking advantage of my environment. I do believe that numbers don’t determine my character nor my importance in the grand scheme of things, but I think it’s still necessary to do your best in something that you want to do, but I’m not sure that the number of people can dictate my personality or my value in the big scheme of things.

Unit 3: Genre Determination

In my previous post in Unit 2 project. I have talked about how education should be free for everyone.I also did my research and found out that many students have dropped out school or college because they didn’t have enough money or because it was really expensive for them,most students also don’t go to college because they just don’t want to,college is a challenge for every single one of us.Studies have shown that children who would be primary care doctors, healthcare workers and teachers, all occupations which are hurting workers so badly, end up in jail without collection, fight U.S. wars and work forever in low-paid, low-wage jobs. The study shows that your college will affect your everyday life from the day you go out for the rest of your life. You could work hard whatever it was and make it huge. This is our country’s unique American dream.


The price of teaching and education has skyrocketed across the country, with the economy shifting drastically over the years ahead. This has led many families in the country to compete financially to determine whether or not to send their children to college for good education. This involves a change so that families can make affordable use of that resource, so “What is the best way for people to get a good education at a lower cost? ”It seems like many families of children who have only graduated secondary school and who are searching for a higher education will suffer significantly. As a norm, many employers need higher education to achieve a competitive career in the labor market. If the price of college increases, this will affect everyone, because it will be much easier to afford.

Many people who don’t want to be in debt due to student credit like FAFSA and other firms such as this fee to borrow their funds are part of why this reform in our education should take place. This money is accumulated at a huge rate that most people can’t afford. Such consequences will lead to the bankruptcy of people and financial loss because of the large amount of debt accumulated from students.

Students would have more time to concentrate on learning and graduating than to think about paying the school term by term. This allows individuals to graduate on time and to transition into the job market.

As some might say affordable is a justification why education should be free, some are in favor of our economy being better trained and the possibility of providing a certain lifestyle is very small if you do not reach this norm. Every human being has the same right to achieve his full potential.

The world is evolving quickly and needs regular work by people with experience or specialized skills.

Another justification for free education is the government’s misuse of money. Resource power capable of contributing to medical discoveries, economic and technological growth. This will give our country the opportunity to have a greater influence as an advantage over other nations, and it is important to the society of this world to build a mixture of different governments.

“What is necessary is for the best and the brightest to enter the university and not just the richest, the Director for the Directorate for Education and Skills at the OECD, Andreas Schleicher, says in an article by Debating Europe. Everyone has to pay for it concurrently. So it is important to find a way to share the costs and benefits amongst public authorities, governments and entrepreneurs, so it’s the safest and most brightest way of obtaining the best position in university….”

The list will help the idea that higher education should be free for all with so many explanations. The advantages of tuition-free education include the principles of sustainability, economic growth, medical discovery and the creation of technology. This will benefit the entire world and contribute to a growing growth for human life with the highly educated population. But this cannot be achieved if the education that would like to send its children to higher education is not affordable or free for families.

Love and Black lives on a Brooklyn street

In “Love and Black Lives on Brooklyn Street,” Annie Correal came across a photo album she found in a recycling bin. She mentioned “I had never seen the account of that time of a black family” which stood out to me very surprisingly. As she starts her journey with odd questions that take over my curiosity in finding out why would anyone use an album that has held many memories for years and years. She saw Etta Mae and a man in the album with her as she looked through the album very often. The people are dressed in suits and elegant dresses in the pictures and they smiled, which portraits they were rich and very happy. At the end of an article, all the questions were disclosed, since the landowner of Etta Mae did not want the album after she died. The finding that the images in the album were kept for many people was quite disturbing, and that every picture speaks a story and has a story,

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