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A Talk To Teachers/ I am Not Your Negro

After  reading “A Talk To Your Teachers” and watching  ” I Am Not Your Negro” by James Baldwin, I Stumbled upon two quotes that I found very interesting, ” History is not the past, it is the present. We carry our history”.  “We are our history”. This quote stated by James Baldwin perfectly summarizes the many problems that people are acquainted within the society. Throughout history, people are bunched up into groups where they are labeled certain things which carries on into today’s world. Today we need our history , in my opinion it is like a touchstone to which we must return to remind ourselves of things not to repeat, for instance the attacks against Black people today-through violence of police of brutality , like Eric Garner, George Floyd , Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks  two of the most recent and also many others that died of police brutality and the system that failed to do their job.

Furthermore, the second quote that I found very important by James Baldwin “The future of the Negro in this country, is precisely  as bright or dark as the future of the country”.   This depicts America today, how the country has failed many African Americans ,for many Black People under Trump’s law and order of the movement for Black Lives . Thus brings us to COVID-19 that disproportionately killed Black people at the double rate of the Whites and early on during the pandemic Black people were six times more likely to be turned away from COVID-19 testing and treatment because Trump dismantled the pandemic response unit created under the Obama-Biden administration . Lastly, Trump asked Black Americans ” what do you have to lose?” . That quote by trump ties in to what James Baldwin said about ” the future of the Negro in this country is precisely as bright or dark as the future of the country”.


  1. zasaduz

    Racism has been a problem since the birth of this country.African American people have been facing problem because of their color and race.This racism problem should go from modern America.Anyone in the earth shouldn’t be group or violated because of their race and skin color.It’s us who we support.When the community and people are strong, no one can do or spread racism.President Donald Trump in many account commented on the racial subject which he as a president shouldn’t do.We should rather be cautious about who we choose as a president because if the president make these type of comments than it is likely that racism will increase

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