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Unit 3 project

Artist Statement 

I chose to create an infographic to look almost like a newspaper page. I chose a genre with pictures since I am a visual learner and I know it’s easier to understand and remember something if you have an image in mind. During the hot months of the protests, my social medias were filled with videos and reports about the violence against peaceful protestors and what rioters would do. Police sprayed tear gas in crowds, arrested many senselessly and I heard all the cries of those protesting peacefully. This led me to delete my social media and, in a way, turn a blind eye to what was happening. Recently I logged back into some of my social medias and realized people are still fighting for justice and I cannot ignore it anymore. This project is informational about hate crimes. Recently due to Covid people have been targeting Asian Americans assuming they were Chinese and insulting them and making them the blame of this pandemic. With these images I hope to portray the anger and fear these people have been feeling. I also want to address what is a hate crime exactly, what to do if it ever happens to you or if you see it happen. I hope my genre makes my research clear and informs those who didn’t know about hate crimes or what to do about it. Looking back at my project I feel the images could have been stronger and I could have added more information on how to tell apart hate crimes from regular crimes.  


Julian Martinez Unit 3 Final

Julian Martinez

12/22/20 Artist statement


I decided to make an infogram to look like a pamphlet of being introduced to video gaming and its benefits. The genre I chose included a lot of images to clearly express who should play video games and what are the benefits. I personally love my connection with video games since I was a child and I thought clearly sharing my experiences and gains will help nonvideo gamers find interest in this world of technology. During this terrible year of 2020 filled with coronavirus and stress, I realized what people can do while at home to have entertainment but also have educational, mental, and physical benefits. Play video games, of course, this world of technology inspiration and creativity would be the best choice to get this year off of people’s minds while enjoying themselves. So I decided to create an infogram, this infogram includes many reasons why video games are good for everyone such as the elderly, teens, children, and adults. Along with that included reasons why video games are good for you and what they offer such as improving the player’s memory skills. Who wouldn’t like to have a better memory? After all, with better memory, anyone can figure out certain solutions to things they would not have known before. And an improvement of physical skills while playing video games, you wouldn’t need to travel to the gym then pay for a membership to work out. As I reflect on my project if I had the ability I would advertise it worldwide online right now to help as many people as possible in these terrible times. 




Unit 3 project

In unit 2  project I decided to write about the Uighur and  Kazakhs people being held in the re-education camp in China. I chose this topic because I think this issue is one of the biggest issues going on now in the world. And I personally think people need to talk about this issue more. In my unit 2 project I provide evidences from sources that shows how China is taking away  the Uighur Muslim people from their family and lock them up in the re-education camp. China is telling everyone that these people are getting education in the camp and these camps are not dangerous for them. But In the artiles so many of them have explained and confessed the tortured they have faced in the camp. They also said how they are being forced to learn chinese language and being forced to sing chinese songs that praise the communist party. I wanted to talk about these people that are getting punished to death. I have interested in this topic because I think as a Muslim I should spread this issue to the whole world. 

 Artist Statement

I have chosen to write this topic so through my project many people will get to know about the issue currently held in the re-education camp in China. In my unit 3 project I want people to speak about this topic and try to spread this topic in the world as much as I can. Mainly I want to share my unit 2 project to my college students first by posting my project in my every college group or if I can I want to post it on my college site. Because I think through many students this issue can spread fast and take place in society as a serious issue. I also want to spread this issue through social media. I want to share about the Uighur Muslim people are being held in the camp and being tortured by positing many pictures, many sources and explanations on this issue. And also I  want to ask people to share it with others. Because I think in this situation social media is the way how this issue will reach people and hopefully they will start talking about it again. Because Uighur/Kazashs people are still in the camp and as humans they need to be free. By posting this issue on social media I want to spread awareness about this issue. 


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