Artist Statement 

I chose to create an infographic to look almost like a newspaper page. I chose a genre with pictures since I am a visual learner and I know it’s easier to understand and remember something if you have an image in mind. During the hot months of the protests, my social medias were filled with videos and reports about the violence against peaceful protestors and what rioters would do. Police sprayed tear gas in crowds, arrested many senselessly and I heard all the cries of those protesting peacefully. This led me to delete my social media and, in a way, turn a blind eye to what was happening. Recently I logged back into some of my social medias and realized people are still fighting for justice and I cannot ignore it anymore. This project is informational about hate crimes. Recently due to Covid people have been targeting Asian Americans assuming they were Chinese and insulting them and making them the blame of this pandemic. With these images I hope to portray the anger and fear these people have been feeling. I also want to address what is a hate crime exactly, what to do if it ever happens to you or if you see it happen. I hope my genre makes my research clear and informs those who didn’t know about hate crimes or what to do about it. Looking back at my project I feel the images could have been stronger and I could have added more information on how to tell apart hate crimes from regular crimes.