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Hello everyone! My name is Rakib Hassan and i’m majoring in Computer Science. This is my first semester ever in City Tech and I hope to make the most of it even if it has to be virtual. I hope you all success as you’d wish yourself!



Hello My name is Jade Wearing and I am a Computer Science major. I am currently a freshman in college and I came in with a mindset of this is going to be easy and the mindset of me putting in the work to pass all my classes but as the semester was passing, things started to go downhill and look at me now struggling trying to now do all work needed to pass my classes. I came to this college to take up my major and I also knew some stuff about it because my brother also goes to this school.


Hi my name is Cassandra  and I am majoring in Nursing. I made the decision to go back to school during my 4 month Covid-19 assignment. I was a Coordinator for the Nursing Unit at a NYCHH. I wanted to see what I was up against, and see what I  can do to help. I encountered some frightening moments. Yet my colleagues still inspired me to seek higher learning, so I can continue to extend myself  to help others. I am feeling pleased about this class , because I am heading in the right direction. I chose the Sun rising as my image. Even though we are going through sudden changes, there will always be brighter days.




Hello All! My name is Daniella from Staten Island– I am returning back to college to pursue my career as an attorney. My mother and father went to City Tech so it was very easy to pick this school to help with my future. Excited to begin the fall semester   🙂

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