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Hi my name is Cassandra  and I am majoring in Nursing. I made the decision to go back to school during my 4 month Covid-19 assignment. I was a Coordinator for the Nursing Unit at a NYCHH. I wanted to see what I was up against, and see what I  can do to help. I encountered some frightening moments. Yet my colleagues still inspired me to seek higher learning, so I can continue to extend myself  to help others. I am feeling pleased about this class , because I am heading in the right direction. I chose the Sun rising as my image. Even though we are going through sudden changes, there will always be brighter days.




  1. Prof. Edelson

    I love this introduction and the image you chose to represent yourself. Great! I admire your decision to pursue nursing and the fact that you were a coordinator for a nursing unit! So impressive.
    Welcome to English 1101.
    Prof. Edelson

  2. Cassandra Prince

    Thank you Professor Edelson for your encouraging words and warm welcome.
    Kind Regards

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