Tutor: Margo Goldstein

Email: margogoldstein1@gmail.com

Days/Times: Flexible!  Email Margo whenever you need help or want to review a reading or writing assignment!

About Me

I have taught English composition classes at New York City College of Technology for 14 years, including the class you are currently taking. I’ve also taught and tutored entering freshmen students for over 16 years and am absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to work with many of you this upcoming semester.

My approach is to make you aware of the various language conventions appropriate for college writing as well as more comfortable with the developing of ideas and the critical thinking, as well as editing process. I do not simply note and correct errors, but get you the student to open your eyes to the patterns in your own writing, so you can fix your own errors, as well as further develop your own ideas.

As a beginning student, the whole experience of entering a new college can be both exciting and intimidating, so I make it a priority to assist you in that transition as much as possible. I am not only interested in getting to know you as writers, but as people with special talents, interests, and backgrounds that enable me to get to know you better as well.  Building strong relationships with you and making you more comfortable with the idea that no one writes perfectly and that everyone has room for growth and improvement is a philosophy and pedagogy I follow strongly because building your self-confidence is the first step towards helping you grow as writers.

Hopefully, throughout the semester, you, as well as myself, can enjoy our journey together towards helping you adapt to college-level writing, as well as the role you will play as students and as future contributors to our country’s work force.