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final portfolio & reflection

Nishat Chowdhury

ENG 1101


Portfolio & Reflection:


   This semester allowed me and everyone else as students to endeavor a whole different experience. Now I’d like to say for me personally, I’ve encountered both negative and positive aspects. It was definitely difficult due to the circumstances we are currently living in but I believe that no matter situation we are put in, we should try our best to adapt and attempt to make the most out of it, and express gratitude regardless of how bad the situation is, because at the end of the day we have control over our feelings and how we react. What I’ve learned about myself this term as a writer, reader, and scholar is that I’m able to complete anything I set my mind to if I just focus, but if I’m being honest, being stuck at home has its ups and downs. A positive that comes with virtual learning is that there’s a bit more freedom but at the same time I feel as if I lack the motivation that is vital for having a productive semester, environmental factors had a large impact on that.

   My favorite writing project would probably have to be Unit 1, where we all wrote about our personal education journeys. I felt like I was able to open up and express my mindset. “Discovering your purpose in this life holds enlightenment that is able to develop character in many positive aspects.” During this time of quarantine, my ideologies about myself and life have greatly changed, I was able to reflect and discover the deeper meanings in life, and I am still continuing that journey. Not only was I able to reflect upon philosophical meanings, but the earlier events in my life, and how those events formed who I am as a person today. “I personally have my struggles with anxiety and societal norms and what is expected of me in my community fuels it a bit more, to the point where I bottle everything up and keep everything private so there is no place for me feeling judged.” In that project I wrote about how my behavior and priorities shifted due to the change of environment and school atmosphere, for example going to a regular highschool after attending an all girls middle school. A similarity from the work I did earlier on in the semester vs. later on is that I was able to express creativity in all the assignments. 

   There were many notable lessons I’ve learned after completing some of the assessments. After watching the I Am Not Your Negro documentary I was able to learn about James Baldwin and his words, not only that but what he stood for. After watching that I’ve realized how insane it is that to this day people are still fighting for basic human rights and facing the same issues. As the assignments and genre changed, I was able to expand my skills in researching and collecting vital details and information concerning my topics. For my unit 3 project, it made me really think about a bigger audience and not just myself and the grader. Thinking about an audience affected the content and the way I created it. I planned on making an infographic for that assignment and thought I executed it well, made sure to keep it simple with images to enhance my message. I felt as if this semester was overwhelming regarding all the assignments and exams we had to complete and prepare for all of the courses, but I attempted to overcome it by managing my time and making the most of my setting. “Numbers and grades felt like it dictated my worth but now I realize it does not.”Although I still believe that numbers do not dictate my character or worth in the grand scheme of things, I think it’s still important to try your best in anything you want to pursue. I really appreciated the fact that Professor Edelson was there with us, guiding and assisting the entire way, and always making time, which genuinely improved my first semester experience here.

unit 3 genre determination

The link provided below is my infographic created for this project:


Artist’s statement:

     The topic that I have chosen is about the internment camps in Xinjiang, China, where mainly Uighurs and other ethnic minorities are being captured and turned into detainees based off of the assumption that all of those people hold extremist and violent ideologies. I’ve become interested in this topic because I feel as if it’s not getting anymore attention as it once was, just like many other humanitarian issues going on in the world. I believe awareness about topics like this should consistently be spread until the issue can be fully resolved, if that isn’t possible, at least efforts to support the cause should be applied. My inspiration are all the survivor stories I’ve been reading, truly empathizing and trying to understand how difficult the experience was. My unit 2 project directly came hand in hand with my unit 3 project, it helped me utilize all my resources, get a deeper understanding of the topic, and getting the main ideas across.

     The genre I chose to write in is an infographic. An infographic is a collection of any data, information, and visuals you might want to put out. I chose to write in this type of genre because I’m able to customize how I want it to look. Another reason why I chose this genre is because I was able to create a clear and cohesive infographic making sure it included the main ideas, which were also supported by visuals. The audience I’m trying to target are the ones with social media, in which they can utilize their platform as a way to support and spread awareness. The reason I decided to talk about this particular aspect of my research is because it just goes to go show how certain areas in the world aren’t as privileged as us in certain aspects. China has disregarded human rights completely and doesn’t see an issue with it which is outrageously unjust. The purpose of my piece is to shed light on the matter and describe how severe this act of violation against humanity is. 

    In my choice of genre I was able to customize the piece to my liking, and I believe this was the best way to communicate my ideas because I was able to pick out the major details from my research and apply them on the infographic to get my point across clearly, and insure the targeted audience would also understand. I believe this went well due to the fact that I was able to collect more information, data, and details. Researching the articles and watching those interviews really assisted into furthering my knowledge and understanding on other global matters.


Baldwin documentary: I Am not Your Negro

After watching baldwin’s documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, I found two important quotes. The first quote is “The root of the black man’s hatred is rage, and he does not so much hate the white man as simply wants them out of his way, and, more than that, out of his children’s way, The root of the white man’s hatred is terror, a bottomless and nameless terror, which focuses on this dread figure, an entity which lives only in his mind.” This quote really emphasizes the difference between the white man and the black man. There is no hate from a black man to a white man, only rage. He wants to protect his children and wants to be left alone, but the white man has this deep rooted fear living inside in his head that causes havoc and violence towards others. The second quote that i found to be important is “And that I am not a ward of America. I am not an object of missionary charity, I am one of the people who built the country.” I feel like this was very empowering, because in that moment he let people know he is no less than anyone else in that room, he stood his ground, and was confident. 


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