In unit 2’s project of “Reflective Annotated Bibliography”, I researched the 2020 presidential election and provided facts plus details on the whole event. In my research, I discussed the methods of how votes were taken, which was by mail. Since the Covid pandemic happened, numerous people chose to project their voting forms through the mail so they could maintain a distance from long queues of people gathering to avoid the spread of covid. Since this method is new for some, there were many issues regarding how the votes were submitted. President Trump and his campaign planned on suing Michigan Secretary of State for counting votes of people who had passed away before the election. This accused fraud ended up being a human error since the death certificates for those voters were sent three days after the election. Since most of the ballots were sent through by mail, tallying the votes had taken a long time which, brought a delay to recognize who might be our next president. In my research, I had also discussed the problems faced in our country, such as the pandemic, economic slump, and racial injustice. I provided information as to how these issues made this 2020 election the most important. 

 Artist Statement

There were countless reasons why I was interested in the 2020 presidential election, one being how this specific one would change our lives forever. I became engaged in learning how major problems in our country like racial injustice, covid pandemic, and economic fall will get treated once Trump gets re-elected. I was additionally interested in how this political race had occurred with the mail-in ballots and its results.

I chose an audience of individuals who are not well educated on this presidential race and are willing to learn to help with next year’s election. These groups of people should hear about this topic because being educated about who will shape our country to improve conditions and how they plan on doing it is essential to know. Likewise, knowing all the missteps that were made in the current year’s race will help them sort out techniques to make the following one simpler. 

To present my topic, I used a format such as magazine articles. I choose this form because it presented my information in a proper way where others could understand it. This was the best way to communicate my ideas since it allowed me to speak in parts of many issues I wanted to explain. This format also provided a way to include various details into my topic so my viewers could get the most out of my work. 

This presentation showed others in a clear way what had happened on election day and what would happen in the following time. To make my presentation better, I should have communicated a greater amount of my thoughts so others could get a better understanding of what I’m educating about. This might have assisted people with framing their ideas also.