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First year companion

After skimming through the “First year companion” everything just seems straight forward, from knowing how to manage your time and when to get things done. Although I been though the whole college process by previously  being at BMCC before making the transfer to City Tech.  Having everything broken down, will help new college students. One thing that anyone will find helpful is just try to make time for work and plan out so there’s time to do everything, although everything is online at the moment you’re able to plan out when you do one class but if online wasn’t the case you’ll need to organize your time since there isn’t a lot of time how people think there is.

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  1. Donia amin

    After reading the ” First Year Companion” . I thought that college was going to be hard to manage and that it was going to be difficult for me to track and to be able to maintain stability. College gives you instructions on how to stay focused and they do this by letting you know ahead of time what to expect, they help you to manage yourself before you. It’s too late to get on track and help you with everything you need. But in the end I think that you have to be responsible and be able to manage your time by yourself and be prepared for everything so that you don’t lose track,and manage to get everything done and on time.

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