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Controlling Positive and Negative space


Color theory


Final project on flat shape




Yamile Bonifacio

Professor Nicalaou


Course Experience:

The Analysis Of The Experience Of Visual Perception

In this class, the first day I expected a myriad of things. I had an idea of what I thought this class would be. What I expected at first from this class was a bunch of history on art. I expected the tasks to be projects that were to be given to us that would be relevant to the lessons in class. However, that was not what I received from this class.

When I first walked into the class on the first day our first lesson was on the vocabulary terms of art. I was surprised on how many terms I learned that day even though I thought they didn’t matter, until my professor demonstrated how they were incorporated in magazines and in many other advertisements we see on a daily bases. From then on I started learning how humans perceive images naturally without noticing, such as the projects we did with positive and negative shapes and how some of them did not work because of the term “ forms follows function”. I also learned about the focal point and how humans automatically gravitate to a focal point in an image because the natural path of vision. I also learned about how illusions form because of our custom to reading left to right; how shapes create tension on the eyes, noticing what works and what doesn’t because of the nuances; how achromatic tones relax the eyes; how monochromatic tones work together and last but not least the Bauhaus concept of “ Less is more”. In other words I have learned and expanded my knowledge in many ways towards art that I once did not know and how it is incorporated in everyday life.