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My wife works for FIT and they have much the same writing challenges that we do.  They’ve developed some tools to deal with this.  I thought it would be helpful to share these. They are mostly aimed at writing research papers but some of the tools, such as how to write a paraphrase, or explaining levels of proof seem more widely applicable.

They seem good because they’re aimed at students with the same middle-school level of writing ability that many of our students have.  Here’s the link:

I especially liked the “Resources for Research” menu items, notably the videos on quoting/paraphrasing/summarizing.  The citing sources video is good too.

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  1. Scaffolding…………

    Scaffolding assists students in working on high stakes writing assignments. In my current course, we are working on a multi-layered assignment which involves an agency interview with a human services worker/social work professional as well as exploration of a social issue. This technique is very helpful with large writing assignments such as the one I mentioned from my course.

    1. Michael, Thank you for posting these resources. They look great. We love the idea of faculty using the WAC site to create community by sharing with each other.

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