Writing Intensive Faculty Certification Program

The WI Certification is a faculty development program that aims to support faculty efforts in delivering optimal WI courses for students.

As of Fall 2020, WI certification is fully digital and remote.

The course of the certification runs over the spring semester during which the faculty will:

  • Be partnered with a WAC fellow for support and guidance throughout the certification. (Once certified, faculty can refer students enrolled in their courses to the WAC Fellows Office Hours for assistance with writing assignments.)
  • Be provided with a copy of “Engaging Ideas” by John Bean to use as a reference (provided by Faculty Commons).
  • Design effective writing assignments using WAC best practices.
  • Assess effective writing assignments using WAC best practices.
  • Coach students on how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Learn how to craft/enhance a WI syllabus.
  • Be exposed to active learning pedagogies via attending online workshops.

To complete a WI Certification, faculty need to:

  1. Complete all 3 workshops within one academic semester.
  2. Build a portfolio that contains revised instructional materials.
  3. Submit the portfolio by May 1 and perform suggested and necessary edits by May 20.
  4. Email final portfolio as a single PDF (WI Certification packet) to your fellow, and CC the program coordinators.
  5. Attend and present at the year-end Certification Colloquium in May or include a cover letter in the WI Certification packet.

To join the WI Certification or for more information, please contact the program coordinators Nina Bannett (nbannett@citytech.cuny.edu) or Samar ElHitti (selhitti@citytech.cuny.edu).