Faculty Workshops

Fall 2022 Workshops

Spring 2023 Workshops

Designing Effective Assignments (2.16.2023)

Developing Your WI Syllabus (3.23.2023)

Minimal Marking / Effective Grading (4.20.2023)

Spring 2023 Asynchronous Workshops for WI Certification

Links will be sent out to faculty members of the WI certification program who participate asynchronously after the delivery of the synchronous workshops.

In addition, WAC also offers:

Cumulative eParse Self-Evaluation

This workshop will guide faculty to draft of their self-evaluation through self-reflection, guided peer-review, and group discussion. 

Participants are expected to complete the Part 1 self-paced workshop and create their draft before working with the WAC team in the Part 2 synchronous workshop on April 7: 

Archives of Faculty Workshops

Avoiding Plagiarism (version 1: voiced-over PPT; version 2: PowerPoint, Handout)

Creative Classroom (voiced-over PPT)

Digital Creative Classroom (Powerpoint)

Engaging Students Online through Writing (version1: voiced-over PPT; version 2: Powerpoint)

WAC and English Language Learners (PowerPoint)