About Writing Across the Curriculum at City Tech

Writing Across the Curriculum is a national movement in higher education, designed to give college students the chance to develop reading, writing, communication and critical thinking skills in all of their courses. CUNY established its university-wide writing across the curriculum program in 1999. Since then City Tech’s WAC program has sought to assist instructors in developing and teaching writing-intensive courses in their disciplines. Through the work of City Tech’s graduate WAC fellows, the program trains and certifies instructors to teach writing-intensive courses. Fellows also serve as consultants to certified instructors teaching these courses. In addition, the WAC program sponsors fellow and WAC coordinator-led workshops open to all students, and supports specialized programs as they attempt to improve student writing and communication skills.

2021-2022 City Tech WAC Team

The WAC co-coodinators are Professor Nina Bannett and Professor Samar El Hitti.

Writing Fellows are doctoral students from the CUNY Graduate Center trained in college-level writing pedagogy and Writing-Across-the-Curriculum philosophy. The fellows for 2021-2022 are Anthony Harb, Brian Porter, Iris Strangmann, Noel Capozzalo, Osha Smith-Gittelman, Samuel Novacich and Weiheng Sun.